Question 1.
I have a Luxury Villa that I need to completely renovate. What is your cost for initial consultation?

All new client initial consultations are provided free of charge through e-mail and without any obligation. Additionally, under a small fee, we are ready to travel anywhere in the world to come to meet with you, discuss in person and visit together the proposed luxury project area, again, without any obligation on your part for any further commitment.

Question 2.
I have plans to open a Luxury Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, with prospect to open a second one in Dubai and maybe later a third one, in London. However, since I am a businessman/investor, I have no relevant restaurant experience.

First, you came to the right place: We can provide Restaurant Design services, from A-Z. WorldLuxuryDesign® is one of the few firms of its kind internationally, offering both complete business services and complete design services, forming a hospitality consultancy that creates and establishes businesses that are innovative, as well as profitable.

Headquartered in London and with a branch in the Gulf Emirate of Dubai, WorldLuxuryDesign® team serves the hospitality sector with a range of services, that includes hotels, restaurants, F&B consulting, FF&E e.t.c.

Our following hospitality relevant services, can function independently or can be a component of the whole hospitality type of project, working synergistically to create a seamless running business in its entirety.

  • Hospitality Consulting, Feasibility Study and Concept Design
  • Architecture and Interior Design
  • Fittings, Furniture and Equipment
  • Client Representation & Local Authority Licenses
  • Brand Development & Management Graphic Design
  • Pre-Opening Management
  • F&B Consulting, Food Services & Technical Kitchen Planning
  • Business & Financial Consulting
  • Operations Management & Artistic Direction

Our multicultural team, our global hospitality expertise means that we are able to dive straight in and provide fast and sharp, ideas, concepts and business solutions.

Question 3.
We are a Construction Company that currently won a bid, for the construction of a Luxury Villas complex. How could you be involved to collaborate with us and what would be our company gain, in such a collaboration?

With our common commitment and collaboration towards such kind of project, your first main gain is the awesome result -linked directly to your company name. Your services and highly respected engineering expertise are limited only to provide to the clients, the general construction. Your demanding schedule and probably your absence of an in-house multicultural experienced luxury designer, will not allow you the luxury... of time, to play with style, renderings, luxury finishes or architectural interior or exterior design. But for such a high end project's success in sale and promotion, appearance and the chosen fittings, materials, design, colors, quality and innovation, matters significantly.

Choosing WorldLuxuryDesign® to collaborate with, not only you will have an amazing result that will directly reflect to your own company reputation and image, but you can also provide a tailor-made luxury interior design in each Villa, with the World's Best Brands in Fittings, Furniture and Equipment, we already represent.

We may offer you full FF&E services in wholesale prices that may reach up to 50% of the retail price. We play fair, we pay high and most of all, we are not simply an Interior Design Firm. We are also engineers. We are able to communicate with you -during the whole period of collaboration- perfectly and in your own "engineering language". We can strongly support you as an in-house technical expert team, with common spirit, same target and perfect time synchronization.

Moreover,WorldLuxuryDesign® the following services are offered for a complete project management package, but the various components of project management may be utilized separately, depending on your own specific needs or requirements:

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management & Supervision
  • Project Controls
  • Material Management & Control
  • Engineering Studies
  • Health, Safety & Environmental
  • QA / QC Engineering
  • Procurement and Sourcing of Product
  • Value Engineering
  • Budgeting
  • Cost Estimates, Variations and Pricing
  • Handover & Closeout


Finally, WorldLuxuryDesign® can also be involved through our highly prestige organization and elegant experience representatives, to the promotion of Villas to high profile clients and work close with them to tailor made and fulfill, their most demanding desires.

Question 4.
We are a luxury hotel chain and we need to introduce a new styling image touches, details or little innovated changes in respect of visual design to our hotels, to attract our repeating clients and also to impress our new ones.
How can you help?

WorldLuxuryDesign® can perfectly succeed this target by undertaking the Artistic Direction of your Hotel Organization. This can be done by a mutual "Annual", "Seasonal" or "Special Occasion" service providing agreement, under your own available budget fee. We may also offer our special tailor-made Artistic Direction, packages.

Question 5.
I just bought a luxury Villa, but before to be engaged with any luxury interior design firm, I would like to get an idea of the firm's style application not on other projects done by the specific firm, but on my own Villa. Can this be done?

Absolutely! Under a fixed agreed low fee and no other obligation or engagement of realization on your part, WorldLuxuryDesign® can provide you with awesome renderings or even a 360° video tour, in your fully equipped and detail designed own luxury Villa. If you like the result, you are free to proceed in the Interior Design agreement. If not, you may request all your desired changes to proceed or feel absolutely free to completely withdrawn.

Question 6.
We are a European Jewelry brand and we are interested to organize a Luxury Event in New York, to promote and dynamically advertise our products in the USA. Why to choose WorldLuxuryDesign® and not any other Event Design company?

Because WorldLuxuryDesign® simply can create an experience, that had never been seen before and can't be forgotten! Isn't that the main goal? To be remembered? To be published in press? And finally, to sell your products?

Our unlimited imagination and Luxury Event Design presentation concept, may be an absolute snowing diamond flakes simplicity, a black tie stylish cocktail or a whole fairy tail production.

But anyhow, what makes WorldLuxuryDesign® to make the difference in any Luxury Event Design worldwide, is the highest quality demand and the internal collaboration with the World's bests, for each different category and every tiny detail.

WorldLuxuryDesign® in any kind of Luxury Event Design (corporate or social), may succeed to fully satisfy in the highest degree, of even the most demanding guest's ALL five senses.