WorldLuxuryDesign® by Group Erre International, is a private limited liability company incorporated in England and Wales, Registered Number: 8681940 and headquarters in 207 Regent Street, 3rd Floor, London W1B 3HH, in the United Kingdom and has offices in London and Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates.

WorldLuxuryDesign® trades internationally under the trade jurisdiction of England and Wales, offering the following Main Services :

  1. Luxury Interior Design
  2. Fittings, Furniture & Equipment
  3. Project & Construction Management
  4. Event Design | Luxury Fairs & Exhibitions
  5. WORLD EXPO | Dubai 2020

WorldLuxuryDesign® is also the corporate head office and holding company for the executive productions of the WorldLuxuryDesign®EXPO that are currently organised, to be held annually in the Middle East.

The 1st WorldLuxuryDesign®EXPO is scheduled for 2015 in Dubai, of the United Arab Emirates and the rest Events (Abu-Dhabi, Doha, Kuwait and Istanbul), are planning to be held in a later time, during the period of 2016-2020. The productions are tailored to the World's Best Interior Design Luxury Brands, that cater for ultra-affluent and exclusive private clients who expect and appreciate the very best, in the Interior Design World.

Additionally WorldLuxuryDesign® is a warm supporter of EXPO 2020 l DUBAI, UAE and undertakes the full organisation, presentation and design concept, for the participation of some of the World's Leading Luxury Brands.

WorldLuxuryDesign® team is rich in expertise and experience with a passion for Creativity, Quality and Design, in the ultra-affluent and prestigious world of international luxury goods and products, offering to the clients worldwide the relevant highest standards of services.